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Find dental care and oral health tips for a brighter smile.

Side view of woman biting her nails.Side view of woman biting her nails.

The Dangers of Nail-Biting on Your Smile

Onychophagia, a.k.a. nail-biting, is a compulsive behaviour that involves chewing nails when stressed, anxious, or bored. This chronic condition not only reduces your fingernails into stubs but can also chomp down on your dental health. Keep reading to learn how this nasty habit affects your smile and discover ways to break free from this disorder. […]

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Side view of woman biting her nails.

The Dangers of Nail-Biting on Your Smile

February 28, 2024
Onychophagia, a.k.a. nail-biting, is a compulsive behaviour that involves chewing nails when stressed, anxious, or bored. This chronic condition not only reduces your fingernails into stubs but can also chomp down on your dental health. Keep reading to learn how this nasty habit affects your smile and discover ways to break free from this disorder. […]
Woman brushing her teeth while holding a glass of water.

Should You Rinse After Brushing Your Teeth? Answering Dental Care FAQs

February 23, 2024
Brush, spit, rinse. It’s the three-step routine you’ve followed when brushing your teeth since you were a kid. However, social media is now abuzz with #dontrinse rebels, challenging the age-old dental regimen. So, should you rinse after brushing your teeth? Get the answer to this and other oral care queries straight from the pros. Brace […]
Dentist holding an image of a dental X-ray.

8 Innovative Dental Solutions for a Confident Smile

February 19, 2024
From ancient tooth extraction methods during the Middle Ages to modern dental solutions like 3D imaging, dentistry has undergone a remarkable evolution. In recent years, countless technological advances have even revolutionised dental services, providing improved patient care. Explore these trends and innovative treatments to help you achieve the confident, radiant smile you’ve always wanted! 1. […]
A multigenerational family smiling and hugging.

How to Make Your Teeth Stronger and Maintain Oral Wellness for Every Life Stage

February 13, 2024
Maintaining strong teeth is crucial at any age, requiring a lifelong commitment to optimal oral health. Discover how to strengthen teeth at any life stage so you can keep your grin radiant today up until your golden years. Follow these tips for your healthiest smile yet! 7 ways to make your teeth stronger Begin by […]
Female Caucasian dental patient in a dentist’s chair smiling.

Why Are Clean Teeth Important?

January 31, 2024
Developing an oral care routine for clean teeth today will protect you against dental problems in the future. But more than giving you a healthy smile, maintaining good oral care habits can improve your overall well-being. Read on to elevate your dental hygiene and reap the benefits beyond your teeth. How clean teeth helps your […]
Cropped photo of smiling woman touching her chin.

7 Fascinating Facts About Adult Teeth

January 27, 2024
By the age of 21 years, the average person would likely have a complete set of 32 adult teeth. From then on, your teeth would take on a trove of other fascinating functions beyond their role in chewing and biting. So, how well do you know your pearly whites? Test your knowledge and uncover some […]
Cropped photo of a woman’s protruded lips showing front teeth.

Do Protruded Lips Affect Your Smile?

February 14, 2024
All faces feature some form of asymmetry. These imperfections are usually tolerable; sometimes, they even add character and charm to one’s appearance. The same is true with protruded lips, which may possibly impact your looks, including your smile. How Protruded Lips Impact Your Appearance  Protruding lips pose aesthetic challenges that affect how you present yourself […]
Woman in white happily holding a tongue cleaner and sticking her tongue out.

Why a Clean Tongue Is Essential to Oral Health

February 6, 2024
When you think about oral hygiene, the usual suspects come to mind: brushing, flossing, and gargling mouthwash. Unfortunately, an integral part often gets overlooked – cleaning the tongue. Yes, this taste bud titan also deserves much attention! Read on to learn how a clean tongue can help keep your mouth healthy.  The Benefits of a […]
Male and female teenagers smiling outdoors.

How to Clean Teeth and Gums: 7 Healthy Habits for Oral Care

February 1, 2024
Australia’s Oral Health Tracker (2024) reveals alarming numbers concerning the state of healthy teeth and gums in the population. Only 53% of adults brush their teeth twice daily, while 47.8% consume too much sugar. There’s also an increase in untreated tooth decay and reports of toothaches in the last 12 months. Plus, less than half of […]
Woman brushing her teeth happily and looking in the mirror of a bright, white bathroom.

8 Personal Hygiene Upgrades for A Brighter Smile

January 2, 2024
To get a smile so radiant and bright, simply brushing your teeth is not going to cut it. You’ll need to introduce tweaks to your personal hygiene habits to achieve your desired results. Think: investing in clear aligners, switching to an electric toothbrush, or cleaning up your diet. Here, find out more ways to upgrade […]
Woman with long hair holding a bottle of mouthwash and pouring it into a white cap.

5 Active Ingredients to Look for in Mouthwash

December 21, 2023
How do you choose your mouthwash? With the oral health aisle stacked from top to bottom with so many different types, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed when deciding. But the key to finding the perfect mouth rinse lies in decoding the label. You have to look for active ingredients that target a wide range of […]
Couple sharing food while on a date.

Fresh Breath on Date Nights: 10 Foods You Shouldn’t Order

November 17, 2023
Every wrong decision during a date can accumulate and turn the experience sour. Wearing an overpowering scent, checking your phone incessantly, and opening up about your ex can instantly ruin the mood. And ordering food that sabotages your fresh breath? Might as well call it a night! Yes, some menu items contain odour-causing compounds that […]
Cropped image of a woman with buck teeth.

Buck Teeth: Causes, Concerns, and Treatment Options

February 26, 2024
Buck teeth, or the protrusion of upper front teeth, are a common dental issue many Australians face – and they’re really nothing to be ashamed of. But if the condition is affecting your (or your child’s) appearance, confidence, and oral health, you can choose from several treatments to fix the misalignment. Read on to understand […]
Hands taking ClearCorrect aligners out of the case.

7 All-Round Benefits of Orthodontic Appliances

December 18, 2023
The biggest benefit of using orthodontic appliances may seem obvious – straight teeth look great! But beyond aesthetics, treating crooked teeth can also benefit your overall health and well-being. Here, learn the all-round perks of orthodontic treatments and your options for addressing dental misalignments. Benefits of orthodontic appliances Want to know more about the benefits […]
Woman with her mouth open checking her teeth in the mirror. 

Underbite: Causes, Concerns, and Correction Options

November 30, 2023
Your smile is your most powerful accessory. You can crack the toughest nut by merely flashing your pearly whites. But not everyone is blessed with a flawless set of teeth. Some may have an underbite, which can make you shy away from smiling and result in confidence issues. Want to know more about this dental […]
Smiling woman showing her snaggleteeth.

Snaggletooth: Significance, Causes, and Similar Smile Types

November 13, 2023
Have you heard of the snaggletooth fascination in Japan? Do you know what a gap-toothed grin means in France? Ever wonder how traditions from India inspired rappers’ golden teeth? One person can see a smile in a completely different light from the next. What some might consider a flaw can be a desirable feature for […]
A woman smiling with a gap in her teeth and a slightly deviated midline.

Dental Midline Shift: Causes, Concerns, and Correction

October 5, 2023
Have you ever faced the mirror and felt something was off? You might want to check your dental midline. If this is misaligned, it creates the appearance of asymmetry, throwing off the balance of your features.   Are you curious to know how this subtle detail can impact your smile? Learn more about its role in […]
A man putting on his clear aligners.

Why You Might Need Aligner Attachments

September 29, 2023
If you’ve been looking into aligner therapy, you may have seen the term “aligner attachments“ in discussion forums. But what exactly are they? Do you really need them for effective treatment, and will they affect the discreetness of your aligners? Read on for the lowdown.  What are aligner attachments?  Aligner attachments, also known as engagers […]