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Smiling woman holding her ClearCorrect aligners.

Clear Aligners: Pros, Cons, and Prices

Innovations continue to break through various industries, and orthodontics is no exception. There are newer, easier, and better ways to help you achieve that picture-perfect smile without having to take a huge chunk of time out of your daily life. Plus, these options don’t come with the discomfort and pain associated with traditional straightening methods. […]

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A blonde woman with white teeth smiling in front of mirror.

Overbite: Types, Causes, Treatment, and Differences From Overjet

An overbite is a common problem not just in Australia but around the world. In fact, according to a global study by the Dental Press Journal of Orthodontics, around 22% of people have a deep overbite. Ignoring the issue can lead to health complications in the long run. So, it’s wise to pay close attention […]

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Brunette woman laughing outdoors while holding hat.

Teeth Straightening: Causes, Benefits, and Options

The first step to teeth straightening is booking a consultation with your dentist – they’ll always be your best and most reliable resource. The next is doing additional research. Need more info on teeth straightening in Australia to help you make an informed decision? Read on for the lowdown. Possible causes of crooked teeth Why […]

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Woman with her mouth open checking her teeth in the mirror. 

Underbite: Causes, Concerns, and Correction Options

Your smile is your most powerful accessory. You can crack the toughest nut by merely flashing your pearly whites. But not everyone is blessed with a flawless set of teeth. Some may have an underbite, which can make you shy away from smiling and result in confidence issues. Want to know more about this dental […]

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A woman checks her upper teeth in front of a mirror

Crossbite: Types, Causes, and Correction Methods

Do you have a crossbite? One way to find out is by observing your smile. Do any of your upper teeth sit inside the bottom row when you bite? If so, you might have this malocclusion.   What is a crossbite?   With a crossbite, the edges of your teeth aren’t meeting where they should. […]

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All About Teeth

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Smiling woman showing her snaggleteeth.

Snaggletooth: Significance, Causes, and Similar Smile Types

Teeth Alignment
Have you heard of the snaggletooth fascination in Japan? Do you know what a gap-toothed grin means in France? Ever wonder how traditions from India inspired rappers’ golden teeth? One person can see a smile in a completely different light from the next. What some might consider a flaw can be a desirable feature for […]
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Woman smiling, revealing her gums and braces.

Receding Gums: Causes, Symptoms, Risks, and Prevention

Teeth Alignment
The braces you wore during puberty helped you in several ways. They straightened your teeth, improved your oral care, and, eventually, boosted your self-confidence. But this mouth gear has its cons, too. You had to endure mouth sores, discomfort, and, even receding gums. You might dismiss this because you already wore braces as a teenager. But […]
A woman showing off her aligned teeth.

Invisible Dental Aligners: All the Science You Need to Know

Teeth Alignment
Are you dissatisfied with your smile due to crooked teeth? Traditional metal-wired braces are a familiar fix but are not your only option. These days, invisible aligners are becoming increasingly popular – especially among adults looking for a more discreet and comfortable remedy. But before you ring your orthodontist to schedule an appointment, you should […]
Young woman laughing while holding teeth aligners and teeth model with braces.

Clear Braces: Types, Benefits, and How They Compare With Aligners

Teeth Alignment
So, you’ve decided to straighten your teeth, and are excited to be one step closer to greater smile confidence. With all the options available, you know you want something subtle and convenient. You narrow it down to clear braces and aligners – yet you’re still stumped.  Make the choice easier with this comprehensive guide on […]
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Smiling young woman sitting in a dentist’s chair with a blurred image of a dentist.

10 Questions to Ask at Your Next Dental Checkup

Dental Care
How do you prepare for your next dental checkup? Have you ever considered listing teeth-related queries you’d like your dentist to answer? Well, go for it! Asking questions about your teeth is a terrific way to get to the root of any issue. Plus, this simple practice will allow you to debunk misconceptions and all […]
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Asian woman holding cheek as if in pain.

5 Fascinating Facts About Tooth Decay

Dental Care
Tooth decay may stop you from flashing a big grin – not because of the black spots that come with it, but because the pain prevents you from doing much with your mouth.   Tooth decay manifests tiny holes on the surface of your teeth. It typically starts as a dark speck but could develop into […]
Woman awake next to husband in bed

5 Unexpected Teeth Grinding Causes

Dental Care
You wake up at night to a crunching sound. It’s not the door, not a branch tapping on the window either. It’s your partner, deep in slumber, unaware of his teeth grinding. While this condition is quite a nighttime nuisance, it does more than disrupt your sleep. It can cause long-term dental problems and chronic […]
Asian woman looking unhappy, holding her jaw.

What's Causing Your Jaw Pain and How to Find Relief

Dental Care
Think about what you do in a day. You talk, eat, smile, laugh, sing, yawn, and move your head up and down and from side to side. You may not notice how hard your jaw works, which is why – ironically enough – any degree of jaw pain is so difficult to ignore.  Suddenly, you […]
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Couple sharing food while on a date.

Fresh Breath on Date Nights: 10 Foods You Shouldn’t Order

Oral Hygiene
Every wrong decision during a date can accumulate and turn the experience sour. Wearing an overpowering scent, checking your phone incessantly, and opening up about your ex can instantly ruin the mood. And ordering food that sabotages your fresh breath? Might as well call it a night! Yes, some menu items contain odour-causing compounds that […]
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A smiling woman brushing her teeth with an electric toothbrush.

7 Oral Hygiene Investments That Are Worth the Money

Oral Hygiene
Proper oral hygiene is the key to maintaining healthy teeth and gums. The question is: are you using the correct tools and services for your specific needs? There’s more to oral care than cleaning your teeth with any random toothbrush, you know? Below, you’ll find a list of worthy investments to improve your dental game.  […]
Couple brushing teeth in the bathroom.

How to Level Up Your Brushing Technique

Oral Hygiene
Remember when you first learnt to brush your teeth? The strawberry-flavoured toothpaste and colourful brushes were like loyal friends who helped you along the way. Eventually, brushing teeth became so ingrained in your routine that you can do it with your eyes closed. But everyone – not just children – needs a refresher on proper […]
Couple waking up in bed with woman covering nose from man’s breath.

What Causes Bad Breath and How to Get Rid of It

Oral Hygiene
Nothing can cramp a person’s style worse than bad breath. Whether you’re about to go on a date or head into an important interview, knowing that your odour could be unpleasant to others can impact your self-esteem and social life.   You’re not alone – if it’s any consolation. Bad breath, also known as halitosis, is […]

Life & Wellness

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Stressed woman working in front of laptop while co-workers demand her attention.

10 Tips for Managing Stress in the Digital Age

Health & Wellness
Why is stress management important? Chronic stress is more than an inconvenience – it can lead to numerous health problems, including heart disease, anxiety disorders, and impaired cognitive function. Unfortunately, stressors are rampant in the digital age. There’s the constant influx of information, the expectation of 24/7 connectivity, and the blurred lines between work and […]
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Happy woman in spreading her arms out outdoors.

7 Ways to Boost Your Happy Hormones

Health & Wellness
Scientists from the United States Environmental Protection Agency identified over 50 hormones in the human body. The good news is that some of these have the power to boost your mood. Think about that warm, fuzzy feeling when you hold a puppy or baby. Interested to learn more about happy hormones? Read on to discover […]
Woman smiling and holding a glass of water.

5 Benefits of Drinking Water for Your Oral Health

Health & Wellness
How much water do you drink in a day? If you’re not guzzling enough, you might be missing out on the many benefits of drinking water that extend to your teeth. Yes, staying hydrated can do wonders for your pearly whites! Here, discover why H20 might be the unsung hero for a brighter smile.  The […]
Woman in white smiling in an office.

How to Practise Positive Thinking in the Workplace

Health & Wellness
Approaching work with positive thinking can significantly affect how you perform your tasks, whether you are an employee or an entrepreneur. This mindset is a powerful tool to help you achieve better results and build stronger relationships with your colleagues. It can help you overcome challenges, cope with stress, and achieve your goals. However, mastering […]
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A couple happily watching TV with a bowl of popcorn.

7 Pieces of Relationship Advice From TV and Movie Couples

Life imitates art. And if you’re an avid pop culture consumer, that means occasionally taking relationship advice from TV and movie couples. Obviously, real-world romances are rarely as simple as fictional media will have you believe. Falling in love and building a long-lasting partnership is often challenging. You can’t resolve your problems in 60 minutes […]
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Couple in white looking sad and turning away from each other.

How to Leave a Toxic Relationship and Reclaim Your Confidence

Healthy relationships should bring support, love, and joy into your life. But sometimes things can go wrong, and you may feel stuck with a partner who doesn’t bring out the best in you. If you’re unsure how to leave a toxic relationship, several signs can help you recognise when it’s time to let go.  Signs […]
Four friends taking a selfie and smiling in a bright living room.

6 Double Date Ideas Inspired by Korean Rom-Coms

A double date can break the ice and ease any awkwardness between a group of singles still getting to know each other. Even for long-time couples, double dating adds a fresh perspective to their routine quality time. If you’re looking for exciting double date ideas, draw inspiration from some of the most well-loved Korean rom-coms […]
Couple holding hands outdoors.

5 Types of Relationships as Portrayed in Movies

You can learn some of life’s greatest lessons from films. Watching movie characters navigate different types of relationships gives you a glimpse of human connection at varying levels. Whether you crave the loving affection of a romantic relationship or miss the warmth of a familial bond, you’re bound to relate in more ways than one. […]
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Woman in beige smiling while stretching her arms and sitting cross-legged on a white bed.

9 Lessons from the Morning Routines of Successful People

Smile & Confidence
For most people, a typical morning routine involves chugging down a big mug of coffee and rushing off to work. But for many CEOs and A-listers, the start of the day looks a little different. These successful people rely on a set of morning habits to maximise productivity and reap boundless rewards. Looking to follow […]
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Woman smiling and touching her face with medical technicians in the background.

6 Face Treatments for a Youthful Glow

Smile & Confidence
Skin loses elasticity as you age, paving the way for fine lines and wrinkles, increased dryness, and sagging. If you’re observing these effects in the mirror, it’s time to sift through the countless anti-ageing trends and face treatments available in the market. You might be wondering, “What treatment makes skin glow?” or “What facial treatment […]
Three female friends happily taking photos of food.

How to Be More Social in Your 30s

Smile & Confidence
As you reach 25 years old, the number of friends you make decreases drastically, reveals a study from the Royal Society Open Science journal. Once you hit 30, life whisks you away on a ride through career changes, (more) kids, and occasional backaches. Consequently, learning how to be more social at this point may seem […]
Young woman looking at herself.

7 Old Hollywood Beauty Secrets

Smile & Confidence
Despite the prevalence of #BeautyTok and YouTube makeup tutorials, the enduring legacy of the screen sirens of yore on all things beauty persists. Even today, many still look to these glamorous and flawless icons for guidance on achieving fluttery eyes, plump, pouty, red lips, and beyond. Want in on their beauty secrets? Turn to this […]